Client Reviews

“She’s Really Body Positive.”

Melanie D.:

“Elis is a fabulous trainer. She is very thoughtful about her training plan, and really knows her stuff about how bodies work. She puts a high emphasis on working within the constraints of my actual life (like finding exercises that I can do in short bursts while my 16 month old takes a nap, or is engaged in a quick activity). She’s really body positive, and respectfully pushes when I need to be pushed outside my comfort zone.”

“Always Provides a Challenge Without Putting Me At Risk.”

Kathy B.:

“One minute you’re healthy, and the next you wake up in a hospital with people trying to explain to you what happened. Three years later, I was recovering from a heart transplant and a host of complications. The physical therapy allotted by insurance was only enough to help me back to a functional level. When energy levels allowed, I approached the YMCA with the goal of intelligently rehabbing but with the challenge that the trainer couldn’t be just anyone. It had to be someone who could intuitively and expertly match my current abilities and slowly bring the fitness level up without jeopardizing my overall recovery. Elis has done exactly that!

The training provided by Elis has been absolutely worth it! She has clearly done her research, is always ready to make adjustments, and has systematically worked muscle groups from top to toe – both large and small. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she’s always provided a challenge without putting me at risk for injury or setback.

“I Feel Like a Badass After an Elis Workout.”

Anne R.:

I’ve been working with Elis once a week for about 6 months and I never want to stop. She gives me a completely new strength training circuit each week and it’s made working out actually FUN for the first time ever. I feel like a badass after an Elis workout, and I carry that confidence with me into the rest of my life. I am very grateful to Elis for her expertise, professionalism, good humor, patience, and body positive philosophy.

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