Elis Bradshaw

You deserve to feel at home in your body.

I provide individualized coaching that allows you to do the things you want to do and to appreciate your unique body.

Fat positive, HAES aligned, trauma-informed personal training.

MY story

Elis Bradshaw (she/they)

Every day we are presented with nearly endless opportunities to feel bad about our bodies, and very few chances to embrace them. I believe that the time you spend working out should be gift that you give yourself, not punishment for perceived slights. I will help you create a fitness practice that celebrates your abilities and works for your body rather than trying to fit you into an arbitrary mold. I am here to help you find your strengths.

During the first twenty years of my life, I hardly moved my body at all; once I started I never wanted to stop. The process of becoming an athlete so profoundly impacted my relationship with myself and with the world that I feel called to help others expand their physical capacities and horizons. I understand the unique challenges that people face in starting and sticking with a fitness practice as adults because I’ve been there myself. I would love the opportunity to help you develop a relationship with fitness that works for who and where you are. 

What I Offer

Your training sessions are a collaboration; I want you to play an active role in your journey and your success! My training style is accessible to clients of all levels, from those just beginning their fitness journeys to competitive athletes. My fitness philosophy is HAES-aligned and trauma-informed, and I strive to create programming and an environment that feels accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for all.

I am certified as a Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I hold a Pn1 Nutrition Coaching certificate through Precision Nutrition. I also hold certificates as a Muay Thai Fitness Instructor (NESTA) and a Fascia Specialist (Rollga). My practice has been included in Superfit Hero’s Body Positive Fitness Finder and Trauma Informed Personal Training’s Movement@Home database.

I offer both remote and in-person one-on-one, partner, and small group training sessions. Remote sessions occur on FaceTime, Meet, and similar video calling services. Remote workouts will incorporate whatever equipment you have available to you at your location (including no equipment, if that’s what you have!).

My in-person sessions take place indoors or outdoors at my home in south Minneapolis (on occupied Dakota & Ashinaabe land) and utilize a range of equipment. My COVID-19 safety protocol includes time-spacing all indoor appointments, me wearing a mask at all times during sessions, a hand-washing protocol, and a HEPA air filter that runs during, between, and after sessions.

I also offer programming and support without in-person sessions. You will receive weekly programming with written instructions and video demonstrations, as well as regular text/email accountability and support from me. Your program will be written for you and specifically tailored to you and your interests.

In order to create change, we must invest both time and effort. Because your success is my success, I invest in clients who dedicate their time to the process by offering discounted rates when you commit to training for longer periods of time. I have some sliding scale availability for people with limited incomes. Please contact me directly to discuss these discounts.

Invest in yourself.

Training Base Rate: $80/55-minute in-person session, with discounts for longer commitments, and $200/month for programming and support.

Why Work With Me?

Let’s Get Started

Contact me at elisbradshaw@gmail.com to set up a free 60-minute consultation.

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